“Time’s a factor here!” Quoteable Quotes

LILAC logoWell, as I write this, I’m about to head off to speak at LILAC 2013 in Manchester, England! There are about 29 reasons I’m absolutely giddy over this trip (not least because it’s my first international presentation), but I wanted to give a few of you some sneak peeks and additional info about my research–think of the next few posts like the DVD special features from Lord of the Rings, but without shots of librarians in Motion-Capture suits. Today, I’m sharing some particularly memorable quotes that I gleaned from my participants.

Key Quotes from “Ashley”

  • I can’t get myself started.  I mean I love to write, I can sit and write when I write what I want to write about , but sitting down and typing out, I mean, the whole APA style format is…freaking me out. There’s so many rules, so much do this do that don’t do this, don’t do that. I mean, I like to write, just freestyle. Just let me type it.
  • I can’t sit there and read about this, then write about it. I’m no good with research. Figuring out [what’s in the books], I think. And then having to write about it. I don’t want to write about that stuff. I know I have to, I know I do, but I don’t like to. It’s hard for me. It’s just, just the whole research from start to finish. It’s hard. I guess, I don’t want to say I’m lazy, it’s I don’t, I just know that a research paper is stressful. And I do what I can to avoid stress.
  • when you write your paper, you’re gonna screw it up. You’re not gonna get the header right, you’re not gonna get this centered, you’re gonna mess it up somehow. When we were in the writing lab, she went over, god, So many things… And I had a hard time following, and she would end up standing behind me saying “No, click this, click that, click this…”because I would get lost… My, I can’t, process it fast enough, I guess.
  • The library people, half the people there don’t know what they’re doing anyway. Because I have problems with the computer, or…um somebody has to ask someone for help (with the margins) they say I don’t know, I don’t know…and you sit there for 20 minutes (while they try to figure it out). And finally they go find somebody else who might know what they’re doing. But anyway they’re all in there because they know what they’re doing, right?
  • Smart people intimidate me.
  • I’m a lost cause.
  • I’m stronger than I thought.

Key Quotes from “Veronica”

  • [If] I’m passionate about it, I just write. Then if it’s something I don’t understand, and it’s something I need to understand, then I’ll outline it. … If it wasn’t for me writing that, being passionate about that and she just gave me something. Like, “Can you write about that?” That might have been a struggle for me. That’s totally something, you know, if I’m not interested in that, the last thing I want to do is research about it, you know?
  • Time’s a Factor Here!
  • It’s [Time Mangagement] been hard. I hadn’t got that down yet. I’m kind of just taking it by the horns. Usually, when I know I got the assignment, usually what I try to do is get it done or work on it right after. And if I have to split it up, fine. You can just kind of make a cycle out of that. Things get thrown at ya, you know, and you’ve gotta … just get to it. But I mean, I just deal with it as it comes more or less.I mostly do my writing in the evening when the girls settle down … and when they got their things done. And, um, yeah mostly in the evening time. But, ah, like on my long days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I’m here all day so I have a big gap, and I just get everything that I possibly can done in them four hours or whatever. So I utilize them days to get homework done and my classes and stuff.
  • [The Librarian] was in his office and he came downstairs and he helped me search what I needed. And like I said, there was several peer reviews that he was shocked that they didn’t have… He just showed me that there were other venues to go, you know.
  • I think for next semester, every paper that I wrote for this semester, I think I need to give more love and attention and time into these next papers next semester. More critical research on them, you know? And take my time writing them.
  • I know that library has a lot to offer….If I can just get the time to go there, find out what I need to do, and get help in finding that kind of research in there. You know, I do want professional papers. You know, I love papers that possibly my professors will use. You know, after I graduate, you know, I do want to find the papers and I can’t say that any of the papers that I wrote are that good or good enough for them to use.

5 thoughts on ““Time’s a factor here!” Quoteable Quotes

  1. Belated congratulations on the presentation. I feel that a lot of the barriers to learning that you identified through your narrative enquiries are attributable to ALL students, e.g. Feelings of uncertainty, confusion, lack of confidence, being overwhelmed, intimidated, technology difficulties, citation style issues etc. I feel that any approach to IL instruction needs to bear in mind these things, regardless of the age of participants. Also, do you think that labelling someone a ‘mature student’ may alienate them further?

    • I agree 100% that from a practice standpoint, telling someone they are a “mature student” and thus have unique issues is unhelpful. EVERY student has unique issues (if grouped into common themes) when it comes to information-seeking. I really only use the label in the context of my research, and in discussing to fellow librarians whether these students have unique struggles (I’m not convinced they do aside from the time-juggle of work, school, family, etc. that 18 year olds don’t usually have).

      For my dissertation I’m considering comparing the experiences of Nontraditional students (American for “mature students”, though there are some differences in the definition), first-generation students who don’t meet the “nontraditional” criteria, and “traditional” college students (I think there are three at my university ;-) ). That might help tease out what Information-seeking struggles might be a factor common to all students, and what issues are more pressing to students who are older/have major outside commitments, and/or students with no family tradition of attending college.

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