What is 26 Checkouts, anyway?

From one of my local role models, Adri Edwards-Johnson at Pioneer Library System and in response to the now-infamous Harper Collins ebook nonsense: What do 26 checkouts look like? And before you accuse me of scope creep for sharing something that has little to do with information literacy or student success, I would suggest you quickly search your catalog to see how many harper collins books you own, and follow that by checking your list of e-resources to see if you subscribe to Overdrive (who I see as the real villain of the piece). Also, what effects our Public Librarian colleagues will eventually effect us, unless we make sure our voices (and budgets) are heard during this continuing transition to e-resources. Public libraries also effect Higher Education, because students and taxpayers use library materials, computers and wireless for their homework, research, recreation and jobhunting. Plus, this video is a hoot.

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